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Delivering powerful video & multimedia services

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Film & Video Production

Let us bring your vision to life with our extensive experience and high-end production equipment.


From commercials, documentaries, music videos, to short films and feature films, we can do it all.​ Whether you hire us to produce your whole production or just to rent gear, light a scene or event, or just capture behind-the-scenes footage... we can do that!

Video Color Correction & Grading

A professional video isn't complete without proper color correction and/or a creative color grade. Many individuals who are new to video production think that the footage straight from camera is what the final video should look like. However, color correction and grading (whether slight or extreme) can drastically enhance the look and vibrance of your videos. Color correction and/or color grading is a definite need for any production that needs that polished and uniform look.


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Live Video Streaming

Need to broadcast live? No problem. From either in studio or from a remote location we can facilitate live video streaming to a wide variety of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and even to an embeddable website  link reach the masses in realtime.

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Visual FX, and Video Compositing

From video titles, motion graphics, visual effects, and video compositing, we can take care of all your graphic needs!


Graphics can help accentuate the look, message or story of your video. We can transform that bland green screen footage that you captured during production into the atmosphere that you imagined in pre-production.


Finally, marketing your final production is important and our graphic design team is here to help create the image that is the identity of your brand or project.


Video Editing

It's time to piece your production together with video editing. We can definitely handle that for you! Whether it be SD, HD, 4K or greater we keep our systems up-to-date to handle any resolution.


With over 20 years of editing experience on different non-linear editing programs we are confident at delivering a final edit that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Audio Recording, Mixing & Sound Design

Audio is just as important as the video in your production. In some cases, it could even be the most important, so don't neglect it. We are capable of capturing your audio on or off set, in the field of in the studio. Whether you need ADR services or Sound Design & Mixing, we can definitely get the job done for you.


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